Types of Certificates

Registration of societies in Kenya is done in two main ways, and these are registration and exception from Registration. Therefore two different certificates are issued for each of the registration, and they include;

  1. Certificate of registration

Most societies fall in this category and are issued with a certificate of Registration upon receipt of the application documents and payment of the requisite fee.

  1. Certificate of Exemption

An exempt society is a special type of society.  These societies are privileged and they are given this status only by the Minister who in our case is the Honorable Attorney General. Exemption means that these Societies are exempted from the strict supervision by the Registrar of Societies, for example they are not strictly required to file Annual returns, Accounts, and other documents that other normal societies are mandated to do.

However, this privileged should not be abused and can be withdrawn any time if there is evidence that a society that was given this status because its operations were believed to be Honourable and above board is now embroiled in wrangles or other unpleasant activities.  Examples of exempt Societies are various charitable organizations undertaking by churches e.g. the Catholic Church and Catholic Convents.