National Legal Aid Service

The Department of Justice in State Law Office established the National Legal Aid Service with the aim to create awareness with the Kenyan public about legal aid, to provide legal advice and representation mainly to the poor, marginalised and vulnerable in the Kenyan society.

Legal aid is a human rights issue, and our aim is to provide practical, affordable and effective legal awareness and legal aid service delivery scheme that increases access to justice for all.

Our Services

We provides legal aid services in the following matters;

  1. Civil Matters
  2. Criminal Matters
  3. Children Matters
  4. Constitutional Matters
  5. Matters of Public Interest

Our Mandate

  • We provide legal aid services to needy, marginalized and vulnerable persons;
  • We promote the use of alternative dispute resolution methods to enhance access to justice;
  • We promote legal literacy and legal awareness to the public;
  • We fund justice advisory centers, education, and research;
  • Creating awareness through the provision of legal information and law-related education;
  • Recommending law reform and undertaking advocacy work on behalf of the community;

How to Apply

  1. To make an application to receive Legal Aid Services fill in the Form NLAS1
  2. For one to be eligible for grant of legal aid, he /she shall make an application to the Service by filling a form as prescribed under the Legal Aid (general) regulations 2020. This form can be found on the first schedule. This also applies to legal aid providers who wish to be accredited to offer the services.
  3. Depending on the circumstances of the case, the Service may grant partial legal aid to an aided person on condition that he/she makes a financial contribution to the fund. NLAS will also charge fees for accreditation of various legal aid providers as per the fee schedule in the Legal Aid (general) regulations 2020.
  4. NLAS has legal aid clinics in its offices that run from Monday to Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm and frequent legal aid clinics in the community. NLAS offices are located five regions i.e. Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa Nakuru and Eldoret.

Call Us Our Toll Free Number - 0800720640