Licensing of Ministers of Faith

A Minister of Faith is a religious nominee representing either a Christian, Hindu or Islamic organization authorized to perform functions within the religious beliefs of that faith. A Minister of Faith MAY apply to the registrar to be appointed as a marriage officer.

For one to qualify, they must be literate and demonstrate an understanding of the marriage process.

Renewal of license applies to Christian Ministers of Faith licensed under the repealed African Christian Marriage and Divorce Registration Act (Cap 151). These are licenses that were issued before the enactment of the Marriage Act notably: 1st May, 2014.


Upload a Letter of Recommendation from the organization on a letterhead signed by an authorized official


  • Copy of the Registration Certificate of the religious institution
  • Copy of National Identity card or Valid Passport of the Minister to be licensed
  • Coloured passport-size photo for the minister to be licensed
  • For renewal, surrender of the old license

Upon approval, applicant will be notified to pay a fee of Kshs 2,000/= for a new license or a fee of Kshs 1000/= for the renewal of a licence on the online platform

A license issued allows a Minister of Faith to solemnize a marriage at a licensed place of worship or with the necessary approval outside a licensed place e.g. garden

Time frame: 5 days after payment