Issuance of Marriage Books

A marriage book is a collection of fifty certificates that are issued by the Registrar of Marriages to the marriage officers for purposes of solemnization of marriages.

A minister of Faith shall forward the certificate of marriage to the Registrar of marriages within Fourteen (14) days of solemnization of a marriage for registration.

Marriage books are issued to churches, temples and mosques at a prescribed fee.


Upload a Letter of Recommendation from the organization on a letterhead signed by an authorized official


  • Copy of the Registration Certificate of the religious institution
  • Copy of National Identity Card or valid Passport of the Marriage Officer
  • Copy of license of the Minister of Faith
  • Coloured passport-size photo of the Marriage Officer

Upon approval, applicant will be notified to pay a fee of Kshs 25,000/= on the online platform

New marriage books will be issued upon filing of returns for the previously issued books.

Time frame: Marriage book to be issued one (1) day after payment