Coat of Arms, Crest, Seal or Other Armorial Bearing

What is a Coat of Arms?

Coat of Arms is the official shield or seal having an arrangement of bearings, or symbols usually depicted on and around a shield in a special language described as heraldry which uses symbolic short hand. It is a more sophisticated symbol of identity that is used mainly by Central and Local Governments, Unions, distinguished families, Educational, Civic and Ecclesiastical institutions. It constitutes the highest statement in graphic form of an Organization’s mission and aspirations and is displayed prominently in the Organization’s premises, correspondence, certificates, uniforms, etc.

What is a Blazon?

A blazon is the formal defining description of a Coat of Arms in Heraldic language. To emblazon is to decorate something or to depict an armorial bearing in graphic form.

A person, Institution or other body in Kenya may obtain a Grant of Arms locally and those who already possess such a Grant issued outside Kenya may also have it registered locally.