Registrar of Societies

The Societies section is a Department under the office of the Attorney General that deals with registration of societies.

Societies are registered and exempted from registration under the Societies Act, Cap 108 which came into operation on 16th February, 1968 to make provision for the registration and regulation of Societies operating in Kenya

What comprises a Society?

Section 2 of the Societies Act defines a  society to include:

A club, company, partnership or association of ten or more persons whatever its nature or object that is established in Kenya or has its headquarters or chief place of business in Kenya and any branch of a society.

For a society to acquire legal status it must be registered in accordance with Section 4 of the Act

Types of Societies

The various forms of societies that can be registered under the Societies Act include:-
Charitable in nature like Children homes, orphanage, education foundations, scientific research foundations.
Religious in nature like churches, Ministries, mosques, temples
Professional body like Media Owners Association
Alumni Associations
Cultural Associations
Recreational Clubs
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